Industrial Mineral

Industrial Mineral



Our high quality natural resource will play an important part in addressing these issues through products based on its chemical and physical properties, i.e. include low density, high porosity, high surface area, abrasiveness, insulating properties, No 11_1inertness, world class absorptive capacity, brightness, and high silica content.    Thereby improving water quality, lowering Green House Gas (GHG) effects and improving the financial net returns of farmers.

Our resources  has a wide variety of uses, and is a component in many  products, or vital to the manufacturing process of many more. The following are some examples as:

1) Filter Aids:The most important use relative of high-quality diatomite is as a filtering media.  The naturally occurring fossilized remains of diatoms have innate filtering characteristics due to their unique

2) Functional Additives:In paints, diatomite alters glass and sheen, extends primary pigments, adds bulk and strength, controls permeability and enhances coating adhesion.  In plastics, our resources serves as an anti-blocking agent which helps in the separation of plastic parts in manufacturing, and in the separation of plastic bags by the consumer.

3) Absorbents:  Due to such characteristics as porosity and high surface area, our resources is highly absorbent and is very useful in the clean-up of spills in the automotive, industrial, janitorial and waste remediation industries.

4) Soil Amendments: When our resources  is incorporated into soil, it serves to reduce compaction, and increase water and air permeation.  It also increases plant available water, firms soggy soils, loosens hard to work soils, provides better drainage, aids in nutrient transfer, and improves root growth. In such applications as golf courses, and other landscaped areas it helps absorb and hold water, reducing the amount of water used.

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