Our Company

Our Company


Trisap Group  has embarked on the establishment of mining operations and manufacturing facilities in the heart of fast growing emerging markets in  East Asia, South East Asia and China to produce organic fertilizer / soil conditioning and environmental cleanup products with exceptional qualities.

Our agricultural target markets s are the major crops of rice, wheat, maize, sugar cane and palm oil.

Our products increase rice, grain and maize and fruit yields and significantly enhance disease and pest resistance while increasing soil health and fertility.

Innovative proprietary technology is used to produce products which use largely local raw material inputs. Hence one of the major advantages of the TRG product range is that it is not substantially reliant on the petrochemical industry for inputs and thus is not susceptible to wild price fluctuations, thereby ensuring a stable price structure for customers

TRG has a dedicated team of very experienced people to ensure its strategic operations are implemented and profitable while working to establish Trisap operations in South East Asia, Asia and China and India.

The Trisap team has a heavy focus on experience particularly in Asia, and has many previous successes.

Trisap in the opinion of our team, will soon be a major and innovative player in the agribusiness and industrial resource sectors.

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