Soil Amendment

Soil Amendment

Soil structure controls the movement of air and water through the soil and the ability of roots to penetrate into the soil. It also provides a habitat for a number of beneficial organisms like earthworms, bacteria and fungi. Soil with good structure has a significant number of large pores that provide air to these organisms, good drainage and high water-holding capacity.

High soil organic matter content increases aeration, water holding capacity and nutrient holding capacity. High organic matter in soils is associated with a healthy soil. Organic matter losses can be caused by repeated cultivation and compaction

Our Soil Amendments are specially developed with a view to ensuring the best possible growth condition,  incorporated into soil, it serves to reduce compaction, and increase water and air permeation.  It also increases plant available water, firms soggy soils, loosens hard to work soils, provides better drainage, aids in nutrient transfer, and improves root growth. In such applications as major corps agriculture field, i.e. rice and wheat, or  golf courses,  or if the products are added to a compost, an earth mixture, and other landscaped areas it helps absorb and hold water, reducing the amount of water used.

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