Soil degradation and mineral depletion through the use of chemical fertilisers and increasing pressure on land through the need to increase yields to meet the inevitable increase in demand for food has created a number of opportunities for the use of innovative soil conditioners and fertilisers, particularly in Asia.

Our strategy is to identify large scale well located natural resources and raw material inputs which through the application of suitable technologies can produce a range of products which address these particular opportunities initially in Asia, and then in other regions.

We adopt a two prong strategy which involves:

  • Establishing an immediate cash producing operation based on simple and immediate markets which do not require extensive trailing.
  • Developing a range of soil conditioner/amendment/fertiliser products which address issues of soil health and crop productivity, initially for rice and then for sugar cane and oil palms and other crops

Our diversified and realistic but novel approach improves the strength of our cash flow by reducing our exposure to any one market or currency and results in a more predictable and healthy financial performance. It will enable to us grow and expand our business over financial cycles thus delivering excellent long-term value to our shareholders.

People are our great strength:

  • We have a very strong board which is multi-disciplinary and multicultural in its breadth, together with a management team with a similar background and which also has wide experience in product and process development and engineering.
  • We strongly believe in working with local partners, and in developing strong ties with academic and research institutions in the countries in which we operate.

Our strategy is founded on and our business operates in the  heart of 70% of the world’s population - 481 billion people and with 90 % of rice and other major staple food crops  grown in region. Above all we need our people to mirror our principles and be sensitive to the communities in which we work. We endeavour to create employment within our host communities and  to join with  superior talented people who are committed to the success of our company and who enjoy success in working in high performing  teams. We are dedicated to growing the talents and aptitudes of our people and this, supported by our natural resource and market base, is what distinguishes us.

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